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Cages, Mounts and Cowlings

This update is long overdue – but well worth the wait. Our welding, machine and fiberglass shops have been running non-stop and so much progress has been made! They are DONE! The fuselage fixtures AND the Lycoming dynafocal mount. Beta builder Bob Woolley’s fuselage cage is shown in these photos – and goes to powercoat …

I Do Not Have Time to Build an Airplane!

Well – I beg to differ. What can you accomplish on your EAB project in 1 hour? Consider this little story from today. So, Dan sent an email late last night to our beta builder Bob Woolley. It went something like this “I’ve got a few hours of work that could be done if you …

Panther Tail Cone

We have test fit the Panther tail cone parts and all is coming together nicely. These are the first of the matched tool parts and we are happy with the results! We also finalized much of the fuselage this weekend – very happy with how things are going. Fuselage tubing kits coming soon – full …

Panther Fuselage Progress and Other Updates

The Panther Fuselage production welding is underway. We have a tube kit professionally cut off of a model that Dan designed with the CNC company. Then the tubes get fitted in the proper fixture and welded. There a many small fixtures, which create the sub pieces of the fuselage – then the sub pieces are …

What is it like to actually build a Panther?

Like all airplanes the Panther was designed with a specific set of compromises. One major goal was ease of build and a low parts count. We would like to give you a taste of what it is actually like to build a Panther, so we are posting here an excerpt of the Rudder section from

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