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The Corvair is a horizontally opposed, direct drive, air cooled engine originally made by Chevrolet. Over 1.7 million engines were delivered. Aircraft conversions produce 100-120HP.  The engine has been flying since 1960 and has evolved to a very smooth, reliable and robust power plant. All parts needed for a conversion are still manufactured and readily available. Complete test run engines can be purchased, but most builders choosing the Corvair are DIY builders working to assemble their own engine from parts with support from FlyCorvair/William Wynne’s manuals, dvd’s, websites and Colleges.

William Wynne has paved the path for successful Corvair Flight Engine conversions for the last 20 years.  More about William Wynne can be read HERE.

If your interest in a Corvair Flight Engine is just getting started you need to click HERE and read through the information.  We offer complementary engine components for the Corvair.  A full list of the components we offer can be found HERE.
The Panther Prototype Engine – Corvair 3.0L with the SPA Billet Crankshaft, 2nd Gen 5th bearing and Rear Alternator

The Corvair engine is an excellent choice for a DIY engine solution for many different airframes.  We specifically have components for the Panther and Sonex, however most of our components are designed for any Corvair Flight Engine and airframe combination.

A good reference for Corvair powered Sonex/Cleanex and Panther airframes can be found HERE

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