Well – I beg to differ.  What can you accomplish on your EAB project in 1 hour?

Consider this little story from today….

So, Dan sent an email late last night to our beta builder Bob Woolley.  It went something like this…

“I’ve got a few hours of work that could be done if you have any time.  Oh yeah it’s on YOUR tail.  Wait –  I should clarify….I mean your airplanes’ tail (I don’t want any confusion – I know how you Air Force and Navy guys think…)

Seriously – I have the parts for the lower tail cone.  If you have time and feel like it you could drill the longerons and assemble it….”

So – Needless to say Mr. Woolley was down this AM.  It took him a total of one hours worth of actual work (minus the Bravo Sierra sessions) to assemble what you see below.   He drilled the longerons (upper and lower) and cleco’ed the rest together.  Now the process of debur, up-drill, (dimple if flush) and rivet sequence shall commence.  How easy is that!

So – if you are serious about building anything remotely in this class of airplane, and like instant results –  you should consider the Panther.  It is versatile, aerobatic, affordable and extremely build-able!  Any airplane that can give you the satisfaction of getting that much progress done in that amount of time…

Ok – off the soap box….

See photos:


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