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Panther Service Bulletins

This page contains information and links to the mandatory and optional service bulletins for the Panther LS and Sport aircraft.  Please click the link (red) to open the PDF to view the full details of the service bulletin.

Naming Convention:

P = Panther

SB = Service Bulletin

# = Chronological Increments

M = Mandatory, O = Optional

Please note – SPA LLC provides these notices to help those choosing to build and fly their Panther Aircraft and operate and maintain them as safely as possible. The end user, including but not limited to the builder, pilot, passenger, and maintainer, is responsible for all uses, actions and outcomes, including, damage, injury or death. No warranty expressed or implied.

Mandatory Service Bulletins

Name Revision Date Plan Sheet Link to Full Description Description Link to Plan Sheet
PSB2-M Tail Wheel Bolt 6/28/2017 N/A Tail Wheel Bolt Sheering – Mandatory Tail Wheel Bolt Shearing N/A
PSB3-M Revised Spar Pin Safety  8/25/2017 N/A  PSB3-M Revised Spar Pin Safety Revised Spar Pin Brackets See Builders Manual
PSB4-M Cowl Joggle Strip Angle 8/25/2017 N/A  PSB4-M Cowl Joggle Strip Angle Cowl Joggle Strip Angle  See Builders Manual
PSB5-M Flap Detent Mount 8/25/2017 N/A  PSB5-M Flap Detent Mount Flap Detent Mount  PSB5-M Instructions

Optional Service Bulletins

NameRevision DatePlan SheetLink to Full DescriptionDescriptionLink to Plan Sheet
PSB1-O Tail Incidence7/20/2016HT Incidence RevisionHT Incidence AngleOptional HT Incidence InstructionsHT Incidence Angle Revision Drawing – Optional

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