This update is long overdue – but well worth the wait. Our welding, machine and fiberglass shops have been running non-stop and so much progress has been made!

They are DONE! The fuselage fixtures AND the Lycoming dynafocal mount. Beta builder Bob Woolley’s fuselage cage is shown in these photos – and goes to powercoat Monday.

Photos of the fuse cage:

The tail cone is 98% matched tool now. You can take it out of the box, cleco the whole structure together and drill the longerons. Debur, updrill, rivet and you are ready to bolt to the powder-coated steel tube fuselage. Just think – in a weekend of light work you can sit in your fuselage and make airplane noises!

Photos of the tail cone:

Photos of the Lycoming dynafocal mount:

Here you can see the Lycoming Dynafocal engine mount for the Panther.

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