Dan has been drawing plan sheets at an amazing rate and parts are all coming together. We will be finishing parts up this weekend and tail kits will start shipping out to their new homes by the end of next week. The majority of the plans for the tail kits are done, and will be shipping with the tail kits. Those builders waiting on the remaining tail parts and plans that picked up at OSH will be getting theirs first. Builders – look for an email from Rachel by the end of next week for shipping information. Remaining tail kit plan sheets will be shipping as they are completed.

Panther flight testing continues on. The Panther is in the process of getting a new tail wheel and an oil separator. Photos to follow by the end of the weekend on these mods.

We are putting material orders in now for the wing kits. Those of you who want to get in on the first batch of wing kits – please send an email to support@FlywithSPA.com so we can get a better idea of how many we should run.

Dan and Bob Woolley did some more tail chasing – Dan in the Panther and Bob in his RV-4. Afterward Bob hopped out of his RV-4, leaving it behind, and like a giddy school girl hopped in the Panther and flew off…..the RV4 looks a little lonely. If the RV were Ricky Ricardo it would be saying “Woolley – you got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

The RV4 looks lonely, watching it’s owner fly off in a Panther


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