Next Panther Sighting = This Saturday, May 17th, 2014 at the Second Annual Armed Forces Car and Motorcycle Show here in Green Cove Springs.  This year they are opening the runway for GA – so everyone welcome and the admission is free!   Want to fly into a strip none of your buddies have flown into before?  Join us!  The only thing you have to do is fill out the liability waiver and fax or email it in BEFORE you fly in (no handing it in after you land is allowed).  See HERE for more details

Well, it happened.   A little faster than we expected – but we ran out of room in the work shop. One of our goals is to keep over head low. In order to keep overhead low we have been utilizing volunteer labor and doing as much as we could in the space we had at our disposal. Well – we were tripping over each other and spending a lot of time just moving things around the shop to make room for one task – and hindering another in the process. If you have ever built anything you know you can’t work efficiently in a messy, over crowded work shop.

So, after much deliberation we are moving the SPA workshop to a light industrial park in our town. The place is just big enough to give us some room to work and inexpensive enough to make sense. The most important part of this is the production welding shop, and parts storage. Our welders (Vern and our two new guys whom we will post updates on soon) have been migrated to our new shop.  The area is climate controlled and this will help with protecting all of the parts from the elements.  Our truck freight shipping will be more efficient here as well, with an industrial sized overhead door and a fork lift.  Once we get everything setup I will post some photos so you can see what a day in the life of Panther making really looks like.

And another excellent Dan Johnson Video!  He and his crew did an interview with Dan about the Panther at the 2014 Sebring Expo.  See it below:

Dan Johnson Sebring Expo 2014

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