We have added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to the website.  Here we attempt to answer some of the common questions regarding the Panther, quickly and efficiently.  Please feel free to make comments here for anything you think is missing.

The Panther flight testing will continue this week.  Dan performed a thorough engine inspection after 10 flight hours and a total of 15 run hours, and the engine passed with flying colors.

Dan is inspecting the cam gear


Corvair Cam Gear – Dan and William Wynne designed this easily removable cover to view the cam gear.

Here is a sneak peek at the paint colors for the Panther.

Here are paint sample chips for the Panther paint.

And below a visit from a fellow builder – Fred Schutt.

Fred Schutt came by to say hello and see the Panther. Fred has a Corvair 2850 with one of our new billet crankshafts installed. He is building a Zenith 601 XL.

This week flight testing will continue. After some great suggestions from other builders we have mounted the GoPro on the roll bar and are setup to record in flight audio so we can get a blow-by-blow from the pilots. Stay tuned for videos soon!

– Team Panther

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