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What’s A Cougar?

The Cougar is a two place, tandem version of the Panther.  Although – the truth of the matter is the Panther is a shrunken version of the Cougar.  Only the Panther prototype was built first.  Why?  Because we needed to break ourselves into bringing a kit airplane to the market with a model that #1 will attract a smaller builder base and #2 attract builders who have built before.  Bringing a kit airplane to the market is no small feat, and pacing ourselves on the Panther has helped us solidify the foundation required to bring a two seat aircraft to fruition.  Are all the kinks worked out?  Of course not!  But the foundation is strong and the tweaking moving forward will simply be making something that is great even better.

Status of the Cougar:

We have not started cutting metal on the Cougar yet, but a good part of what has been done on the Panther will transfer directly and/or indirectly to the Cougar design.  This includes drawings, plan sheets, CNC files and parts.  This means we will be able to bring the Cougar to the market even faster than we did with the Panther!

What is it going to look like?

Here is a side view drawing of the Cougar, including the specs.

Cougar side view specs PDF Version

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