Spar Rivet Squeezer – Updated video

Please take a look at the new video for the SPA Spar Rivet Squeezer – the rivet squeezer was recently updated and this video shows you how to use it.

Panther Cockpit Dimensions – and New Photo Page

We have had a few questions regarding the cock-pit dimensions so Dan drew up a diagram. Please see the diagram Panther cockpit dims We also added a new Photo Page with a compilation of Panther Prototype N515XP PHOTOS.

Panther Pricing Released!

Please see our website HERE for pricing and ordering information. Please make sure you read through the FAQs in the lower half of the page.

Join the PantherCave!

We have launched our new Panther forum called the PantherCave – a place for builders and enthusiasts to congregate, ask questions, get answers and make new Panther friends. This IS NOT replacing the blog, this is in addition to the blog and is meant for you as a builder, potential builder or just a person who is interested in the […]

FAQ Page and Update

We have added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to the website. Here we attempt to answer some of the common questions regarding the Panther, quickly and efficiently. Please feel free to make comments here for anything you think is missing. The Panther flight testing will continue this week. Dan performed a thorough engine inspection after […]

Will the Panther Plans have templates?

Here are a few samples pictures on how the plans will come with templates and how easily they will be used to make parts for the Panther. The plans will have to scale templates that can be cut out and simply spray glued to the aluminum sheet or angle, then cut and drilled, and edges […]

Why Did We Choose A Steel Tube Fuselage?

This is a very informative post by William Wynne on steel tube fuselages.

Examples on Fixture Options

Here are some pictures on how we decided to jig up the wings, vertical stabilizer and the horizontal stabilizer.  This was a simple way to accomplish what was needed without making it to complicated or permanent considering the space constraints.  The wing jig is simply 2x4s and screws.  The wing is squared and checked for twist […]