Here is a note and a video from Bob Metcalfe.

“I am Bob Metcalfe and live in Flint Hill VA, just 74 miles west of Washington DC with the Blue Ridge Mountains as my front yard.

My Panther serial # 116 is a Sport model taildragger and I will use a Lycoming O-320 engine.

I chose the Panther because of my planned mission of going fast with my “RV” friends, doing light aerobatics, and use the folding wing option so I can put the Panther in the same hanger as my “low and slow” Luscombe. Also I like the pulled rivet concept because I can do it by myself and it is much faster than standard driven rivets.

The avionics to be used will be a Garmin G5, Comm Radio, ADSB Transponder and a Garmin 750 portable GPS. VFR flight only.

I have restored 3 Luscombes, of which I have kept the first one and sold the other 2.  Also I have assisted in the building of a RV-6 – and these projects have given me the confidence  to take on the Panther build. I find the plans and building manual nicely done and easy to follow. The aircraft will be kept at KFRR, Front Royal VA and I also use a 2000 foot grass runway at 3VA7, White Post VA.

The Corona pandemic has one good side effect in that a lot of time is available for building the Panther. My goal is to be flying the spring of 2021. By buying as much pre-built parts as possible I think my goal is feasible. Also at age 83, I want to build as quick as possible so I have time to fly it.

I have found building the Panther very satisfying as seeing the results of each days production gives a feeling of accomplishment. As of July 8th I have finished all the tail feathers, ailerons, flaps, and the aft fuselage and now am in the process of riveting the right wing closed.

Thanks for the opportunity to brag a little.

Bob Metcalfe

Flint Hill, VA

Panther SN116

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