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The Test Wing Is Coming Together

The stiffeners for the test wing arrived, they are amazing! The panther spar is typical in design in many respects. It uses a 6061 T-6 AL angle as caps that are riveted to the spar web. The wing skins rivet into the angle as well. The inner portions of the spar where loads are very …

Parts and Props

THE WING RIBS AND FORM BLOCKS FOR THE TEST WING ARE FINALLY HERE!!!!! The building has begun! We have the fuselage side fixture completed and welding will begin next week. AND – The local county paper, The Clay Today, did a front page piece on the SOLO filming! It is very interesting and we would …

Weekly Update

We have been busy at the Corvair College, setting up websites and working on spar details. In the past weeks we have formed the test ribs and added flute locations to the form blocks. We also “tweaked” the nose of the rib blanks so they form better. I’m …

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