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Fuel Tanks, Canopy and Knowing Yourself

Today was a good day in the shop. Bob Woolley, beta builder of the Panther sport version, assisted me with fitting the second fuel tank skin. We followed Tony’s instructions and all went very well. The fuel tank skins are all pre-drilled by the CNC shop and pre-bent in house, so it was just a …

Turtledeck Bulkhead, Horizontal and Vertical Tail Blanks

Here are pics of the vertical and horizontal tail rib blanks. And the turtledeck bulkheads …

The Test Wing Is Coming Together

The stiffeners for the test wing arrived, they are amazing! The panther spar is typical in design in many respects. It uses a 6061 T-6 AL angle as caps that are riveted to the spar web. The wing skins rivet into the angle as well. The inner portions of the spar where loads are very …

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