Jon Farley’s Panther Maiden Flight

Jon Farley has completed his Panther SN100! Jon lives in Albuquerque, NM. His Panther is the Sport model and is powered by a Lycoming O-320 and a Sensenich 3-blade ground adjustable propeller. Congratulations, Jon! Here is a note from Jon. “I’m having a blast learning all about my new fighter and doing all the usual […]

Ryan Fiscus’ Panther Maiden Flight

A great big congratulations to Ryan Fiscus!  He is the proud pilot and builder of Panther SN059 – N5921P.  Ryan lives in Burleson, TX and flies out of the Fort Worth Spinks Airport.  Here is a note from Ryan, along with a photo and video. “I can’t say enough good things about the SPA guys […]

First Flight for Bob Metcalfe – Flint Hill, VA – Panther Sport SN116

Builder Bob Metcalfe from Flint Hill, VA has successfully completed and flown his Panther Sport SN116.  His Panther is powered by a Lycoming O-320 and the Sensenich Ground Adjustable 3 Blade Composite propeller.  Congratulations Bob!  Excellent job.  The paint job looks great!  Check out the video clips of the first flight, and that proud Panther […]

First Flight for Phil Davis – Temple, TX – Panther LS SN060

Phil Davis, from Temple, TX, has built and completed over 10 hours of test flight on his Panther LS SN060.  His Panther is powered by a Lycoming YO-320 Thunderbolt 170HP and the Sensenich Ground Adjustable 2-blade composite propeller.  It is equipped with Dual EMags, a Garmin G3X & G5 with integrated transponder & radio, and the […]

Colin Dyke Wins Title of First Certificated Panther in Canada!

Colin Dyke, of Addison, Ontario, has received his certificate for his Panther Sport SN054.  Colin has powered his Panther with a Lycoming O-320-E2A and a Sensenich fixed-pitch propeller.  Colin chose to wrap his plane with vinyl and the results are definitely attention-getting!  Looks great!  First flight will be a bit of delay, waiting on weather […]

Phil Davis’ Panther LS Received the Pink Slip!

Phil Davis from Temple, TX has just received his pink slip on his Panther LS.  His DAR, Mel Asberry who is a regular contributor for KitPlanes magazine, gave him the sign-off on Friday afternoon.  Phil’s Panther is powered by a Lycoming YO-320 Thunderbolt 170 HP engine with dual E-Mags and a 2 blade ground adjustable […]

Builder Progress – Marc Loftin from SoCal

Builder Marc Loftin from southern California sent over a few pictures of his Panther Sport progress.  Marc is a first-time builder and his Panther Sport SN101 is powered by the Titan IOX-340 and a 3 blade Sensenich ground adjustable propeller.  Marc has made some excellent progress on his project and the photos show how much […]

Al Damazio’s Panther Sport – Performance Numbers and Pics

Al Damazio, from Cherokee Village, AR, sent a note about his flight performance stats and some breathtakingly beautiful photos of his Panther Sport.  WOW! Check it out – “Hey Dan, hope this finds you well. Update on my Panther- have about 35  flight hours accumulated since sign off in late Oct. (had hoped to be […]

Myron Callaham’s Panther LS – Maiden Flight Success!

Myron Callaham, from Bowling Green, KY sent a note and a photo of his successful maiden flight in his Panther LS.  Congratulations to Myron! Myron’s Panther LS is SN098 and is powered by a Lycoming O-235 and a Sensenich 2 blade fixed-pitch wooden propeller.  Myron purchased his Panther tail kit in late 2017.  Then he […]

Sean Sullivan’s Panther @ OSH 2021

Check out this video of Sean Sullivan and his awesome Panther LS @ OSH 2021.  Sean is from Ft. Worth, TX, and flew his Panther up (again) to hang with us at the greatest airshow – Airventure!  He gave us a walk-around tour of his Panther, powered by a Lycoming O-235 and a Sensenich wood-composite […]