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Panther Paint, Canopy and Avionics

The past two weeks Team Panther has been soaking up some much-needed R&R. Every year we take a wonderful vacation out to see my sister and her family in Destin/Gulf Breeze FL. My Dad also joins us and we spend about 10 days relaxing in the beautiful water in the Gulf of Mexico, with our …

Fuel Tanks, Firewall, Cowling and Canopy Skirt

I started assembling the left fuel tank today with the Flamemaster and things went very well. All of the end or butt ribs had been sealed except for one right one, so I started with that. This way it would have time to cure before I got around to it. I have been mixing in …

Canopy skirt gives the Panther even more dimension

Yesterday afternoon Dan started on the canopy skirt. First things first – cover everything the resin will touch with tape. So after about 4 rolls of wide masking tape along with poster board the Panther looks like a little funny. Then Dan started laying out the fiberglass and cut a bunch of 8 inch wide …

Fuel Tanks, Canopy and Knowing Yourself

Today was a good day in the shop. Bob Woolley, beta builder of the Panther sport version, assisted me with fitting the second fuel tank skin. We followed Tony’s instructions and all went very well. The fuel tank skins are all pre-drilled by the CNC shop and pre-bent in house, so it was just a …

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