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First Name: Alan
Last Name: Carter
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Re: Aussie Builders

Post by alky57 »

G'day guys and gals,

I'm Alan Carter, based in Somerset, Tasmania.

I've been searching for a nice single place aircraft for a while, and was going to settle for the Onex as I like their wing folding mechanism. Then I discovered the Panther. It was love at first sight.

Current status: saving like crazy so I can place my order

If anyone could give me an idea of what the shipping cost to get their kit to Australia, it would be a big help for my budgeting. Thanks in advance


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First Name: Steve
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Re: Aussie Builders

Post by Gaffer »

My name is Steve Chapman. I live in Lakelands in Western Australia. I am a first time builder and Kit No. 55 is sitting in a container in Lakeland Florida, waiting on others who are sharing the container. Happy to talk to anyone.

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First Name: Jim
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Re: Aussie Builders

Post by Jimitch »

Hi all, I'm Jim and I live in Ballarat, Victoria.
I've asked SPA Sales if any parts of the Panther would/could be transferable to the Cougar, its going to be a long year, or so.
Therefore to pacify my Build Deficit Disorder and wait for the Cougar I'll be watching and learning from the forum.
Enjoy your Build.

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First Name: Mark
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Re: Aussie Builders

Post by rvcoops »

Hi guys, my name is Mark & I live in Sale in Victoria, Australia. Just got back from Kosh and had a great time talking to Rachael about the Panther. Tried it on for size and it fits just right! Great little plane which I have decided will be my next build project when I finish the current one (LJ45 sim). Previously built & still flying an RV8 and had a hand in several other RV's for mates. Excited about the prospects of a Panther project and will be checking in on the forum from time to time to see how others go with their projects. Glad to be aboard! Regards, Mark.

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First Name: Brian
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Re: Aussie Builders

Post by AussiePanther »

Hi Guys, my name is Brian Blacker. I live in Brisbane and am building a Panther with plan set #4. I have started on the Tail kit and am reasonably advanced on the construction. I am a first time builder and have found the process a little challenging at times but am enjoying the process. I have a Corvair engine which I am planning to use in the Panther. Happy to talk with any Aussie Panther builders. Contact me at -

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First Name: Jared
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Re: Aussie Builders

Post by maddogmorgan »

Was looking at the Onex, however there were a few things it was missing for me. The Panther definitely filled the gaps. Was hoping to start building this year but an unplanned trip to Europe soon has pushed that back a bit. Would be good to have a little aussie contact with builders when I start

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First Name: James
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Re: Aussie Builders

Post by sactu1 »

G'day Bish - good to see you're thinking the same way as me. Seems quite a few Sonex builders are now looking at Panther. Exciting times, with such a great looking offering.

Cheers mate.


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First Name: Frank
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Re: Aussie Builders

Post by fedwards »


My name is Frank Edwards and I live in Northmead NSW, but also have a hangar at Temora.

I have plans set 019 and purchased a tail kit which is almost completed. Plan is to have the rest of the kit delivered later in the year.

Any prospective builter is welcome to contact me at


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First Name: Chris
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Re: Aussie Builders

Post by bishoff7 »

My Name is Chris Bishoff.
I live in Gippsland Victoria
I am also interested in building a panther so I guess the journey begins here
I presently run a sonex that I built back in 09. I Have about 5 full builds under my belt now and several resto's
I also run a rans chaos and a sportcopter vortex
My email is cbishoff6@bigpond .com
Hi to Jim (his sonex is a credit to him )
Regards Bish

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First Name: James
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Re: Aussie Builders

Post by sactu1 »


My name is Jim Lewis and I am interested in the Panther. I live in Cootamundra and work in Wagga. My previous build was a Sonex (0988) with the Aerovee engine, which I sold to a gent in South Australia in 2010 - time to build again.

I'm very interested in making contact with any Aussie builders who have started building a Panther, and would love to see a project in the flesh. My email address is


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