The Panther reassembly is coming along, but visually not as appealing as we hope it will be in a day or so. The whole fuse is covered in tarp to keep us from scratching it – and getting over spray from the panel getting re-dusted after the expanded hole for the GRT unit. We do have the GRT unit up and running now, and are very happy with it so far. The display is very nice, seems to have a great deal of information and relatively easy to use. We really like the built in GPS.

We still need to calibrate the fuel tanks.

The wings aren’t on yet either. The new antenna is installed and the modified exhaust pipes are installed too. Fuel pumps Have been moved to behind the firewall and positioned to in parallel versus vertical. This should prevent some of the minor vapor lock issues we saw in the past.

Dan installed the “always required checkerboard” tail graphics this evening.

We are picking up the canopy, cowl and wheel pants tomorrow and our plan is to fly Tuesday.

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