The wings are back from the paint shop and they look amazing! The colors turned out exactly as we hoped. The cowling, canopy skirt and the tail fairings are being worked over by their awesome body guy. Sunday consisted of getting the fuselage prepped for paint. Sanding down proud rivet heads, scuffing and scotch brite. We loaded the fuselage into the PantherCave (trailer) and dropped it Monday at the paint shop. They expect to be finished by the end of the week.

The GRT installation is coming along well. We had an issue with feedback on the radio that we suspect is due to our antenna not being shielded, and this seems to be a common issue after doing some research. So we have a new antenna on the way from Aircraft Spruce.

Our goal is to start putting everything back together and have her flying again by the end of the weekend. That is if the tropical storm named Chantal that is headed our way doesn’t put a damper on our schedule. It sure will feel great to have the Panther back together again, she sure looks quite pitiful in pieces…

Sorry no photos of the new paint job yet….you guys are going to have to use your imagination for a few more days.

For any of you who are going to the Brodhead 2013 Pietenpol/Hatz Fly-In – you will be able to see the Panther fly there on Saturday the 27th (weather permitting)!

On another note – we will have the Corvair 5th bearing “Retro Kits” and a few GM serviced 5th bearing “2nd Gen” kits available for purchase/delivery at Oshkosh. However, because of demand stock is limited – so if you are in need of a crankshaft or 5th bearing kit, please contact us now and we will earmark one for you!

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