Out of the total 77 or so Panther builders, we have a half dozen in Texas and some of them are planning using a Corvair as their powerplant.  Here is a photo of Brian Sowell’s Panther Corvair 3.0L engine – with SPA’s 5th bearing housing just being installed.

Brian is building a 3.oL Corvair with an SPA 2nd Gen 5th Bearing, Machined Case, Cylinder Heads, Cylinders, Pistons and new Connecting Rods. He plans to test run his engine at the Corvair College in San Marcos TX April 1st-3rd.

Here are some photos of his cylinders, pistons and connecting rods from SPA being installed.

Here is a photo of his cylinders and pistons installed in the case

Here is a photo of his cylinders and pistons installed in the case

The next Corvair College will be in San Marcos, TX April 1st – 3rd.  The sign up is now full for this college – but if you are interested in signing up for any others in 2016 you need to do it now!  HERE IS THE LINK

Dan Weseman will be attending the CC#37 @ Chino, CA  April 22nd – 25th and CC#39 @ Barnwell, SC Nov. 11th – 13th.

NEWS – SPA has become the sole distributor for FlyCorvair conversion parts.  This transition started on February 1st, 2016 and we will be facillitating the ordering and shipping for FlyCorvair.  These parts are still the tried and true William Wynne Corvair conversion parts.  We have simply taken over the customer service end of the ordering and shipping of these parts.  Please see the new ordering website HERE.  If you have any part inquiries you can email sales@FlyCorvair.com.

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