Sun ‘N Fun 2018 was great this year. We had a wonderful show meeting new builders and talking with our current builders as well. We had Buddy Henson had his Lycoming O-320 Panther Tri-Gear, Ben Krotje had his Jabiru powered Panther LS, Paul Salter had his Corvair 3.0L Panther LS and Jimmy Miller had his Lycoming O-320 powered Panther Sport all on display at the show. Our cookout on Friday night was awesome! We had a wonderful time with around 70 aircraft enthusiasts. The weather was great, the food was good and the company was outstanding. The kids took care of making sure everyone was hydrated, had name tags and raffle tickets for the SPA goodies that were handed out.

Even though the show is over you can still take advantage of the show special pricing.  We are offering the specials SEEN HERE until April 23rd.  If you are considering any of these items please contact us at 904-626.7777 x402 to place an order.

Here is a great photo of Paul Salter’s Panther LS at show center, making its way back from the Auto Engine area at SNF.  One of the many features of a Panther – folding wings.  Makes it much easier to move, store and transport!  Two kits left (as of this posting) at the discounted pricing.  Order now and save big!

Here is a great video that SNF released – take a look at what they have been up to recently.

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