Happy Holidays from SPA! We have been working diligently on the prototype and are making good progress while juggling spending time with our dear family and friends through this holiday season.

We have had some questions about how the wing fold mechanisms work and how the wing rib gussets are assembled. We also have pictures of the rudder cable fairlead assembly below.

Here you can see how the rear spar attach bracket is installed.

Here you can see an example of the wing rib gusset assembly.

Here you can see how we used 1/4 inch nylon plate to guide the wing fold support tubes.

These are sturdy, light, inexpensive and allow the tubing to slide easily within the wing. The wings will have two pins to pull within the fuselage and then pull out, rotate 90 degrees clockwise and then swing back to rest on the horizontal stabilizer.

Here are some pictures showing the rudder cable fairlead assemblies. These are made from nylon plate and snap bushings.


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