Panther Forward Fuselage Kit-TD


The Panther Fuselage kit contains the forward fuselage welded and sheet metal components. Sheet metal parts are match-tooled. This includes the welded steel cage and components all powder coated in a light grey color. This ships truck freight. Shipping costs are not included, we will contact you for the shipping arrangements.



The Panther Forward Fuselage Sub-Kit

The kit will included the following.  Weldments are powder coated in a light grey color:

Part # Qty Per Kit
Channels/Bulkheads – P4100 Series
P-F-flange strip 1-q2 P4101 2
P-F-flange strip 2-q2 P4102 2
P-F-Stiffener 1 – q2 P4103 2
P-F-Stiffener 2 – q2 P4104 2
P-F-Stiffener 3 – q2 P4105 2
P-F-Map pocket R – q1 P4106 1
P-F-Map pocket L – q1 P4107 1
P-F-Fuel Line Cover side -RL-q1 P4108 1
Decomissioned P4109 2
P-F-Fuel line cover top-q1 P4110 1
P-F-Seat back 1-A.032 -q1 P4111 1
P-F-Seat back 2-A.032 -q1 P4112 1
P-F-Seat back 3-A.032 -q1 P4113 1
P-F-Seat bottom 1-A.032 -q1 P4114 1
P-F-Seat bottom 2-A.032 -q1 P4115 1
P-F-Seat bottom 3-A.032 -q2 P4116 2
P-F-Cowling joggle strip-A.032-RL-q2 P4117 2
P-F-Cheek former angle-A..032-RL-q2 P4118 2
Spars/Stiffeners – P4200 Range
P-F-fwd side skin stiffener-A.040-q2 P4201 2
Ribs/Formers – P4300 Range
P-F-Cheek former-R-q1 P4301 1
P-F-Cheek former-L-q1 P4302 1
P-F-tunnel fairing former-R-q1 P4303 2
P-F-tunnel fairing former-L-q1 P4304 1
P-F-tunnel side-R-q1 P4305 1
P-F-tunnel side-L-q1 P4306 1
P-F-Instrument Panel-A.063-q1 P4307 1
P-F-Firewall Upper-q1 P4308 1
P-F-Firewall lower-q1 P4309 1
Skins – P4400 Range
P-F-forward side skin-A.032-RL-q2 P4401 2
P-F-forward bottom skin-A.032-q1 P4402 1
P-F-Cheek Skin-q2 P4403 2
P-F-forward upper deck P4404 1
P-F-front end sheet metal P4405 1
P-F-tunnel fairing skin-RL-q2 P4406 2
Brackets/Gussets – P4500 Range
P-F-Flap Detent P4501 1
P-F-Seat Back Angle-R-q1 P4502 1
P-F-Seat Back Angle-L-q1 P4503 1
P-F-Seat Back Top-q1 P4504 1
P-F-Seat Back Corner-q2 P4505 2
P-F-Seat Back Adj-q2 P4506 2
P-F-Elevator reversing arm-A.1875-q1 P4507 1
Weldments – P4600 Series
P-F-Welded Fuse Cage-q1 P4601 1
P-F-Flap Handle-q1 P4602 1
P-F-Rudder pedals-q2 P4603 2
P-F-Control box-q1 P4604 1
P-F-Brake pedal-q2 P4605 2
P-F-Torque Tube-q2 P4606 2
P-F-Control stick-q1 P4607 1
P-F-Flap Control Arm-R-q1 P4608 1
P-F-Flap Control Arm-L-1 P4609 1
P-F-Flap Adjuster-RL-q2 P4610 2
P-F-Joiner Push Rod-q2 P4611 2
P-F-Elevator Push Rod-q1 P4612 1
P-F-Rudder Cable Adjuster-RL-q2 P4614 2
Accessories/Tubing/Nylon/Misc. – P4900 Range
P-F-control stick stop-q1 P4902 1
P-F-outer guide-q4 P4903 4
P-F-lower adjuster guide-q2 P4904 2
P-F-upper center guide-q1 P4905 1
P-F-lower center guide-q1 P4906 1
P-F-Wing roller adjuster-q2 P4907 2


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