Crank Service w/ 5th Bearing


5th Bearing Crankshaft Service Includes the following:

  • Magnaflux
  • Stress Relief Process
  • Grind and Polish
  • Nitride
  • Threading for Safety Shaft
  • Pressing Off Your Stock Gear
  • Welding a new Crankshaft Gear to the 5th Bearing Hub
  • Pressing On the Crankshaft Gear and the 5th Bearing Hub
  • Grinding and Polishing the Crankshaft with the 5th Bearing Hub and Crankshaft Gear (Ensuring Concentricity)
  • CNC Billet Housing Kit and Installation Instructions

*Core Corvair Crankshaft required for this process

**Shipping not included, you will be contacted for shipping charges when your crank and housing are ready to ship.

You mail us your crankshaft for servicing  We send you a serviced crank from our stock

Crankshaft Service turnaround time is not guaranteed, but is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of your crankshaft.

**Please note: We do our best to make sure the crank is a good candidate for re-working before we send it. If your crank does not pass the Magnaflux process there will be a $250 core fee. The shop we use is very particular and they inspect the crank again after they stress relieve and blast it. If they deem the crank is no good after stress relief and blasting, for example if it has too much of a warp to grind out or it has excessive porosity then they will not service it any further. The fees for the stress relief and blast, plus shipping are still charged. If this happens you will be responsible for the $250 service fee.



We Offer Corvair GM Stock Crankshaft Servicing. This service includes our 2nd Generation 5th Bearing.

We have sourced high quality shops that provide us with an excellent crankshaft rebuild. This process includes a stress relief process before grinding that eliminates stored stress in the crankshaft. This ensures the crankshaft will not require straightening after being Nitride treated. While many high quality shops straighten crankshafts after nitriding we feel it is a better practice to avoid the straightening process. The process of stress relieving the crank is expensive, but we feel it is well worth it.

The 5th Bearing Hub is a single piece 5th bearing Journal/Crank Gear for new engine builds. This unit will be welded to a new gear and pressed on as part of our Crankshaft Service. Then ground as a unit with the crankshaft. This will ensure concentricity with the crankshaft and eliminate the need for adjusting the run out during installation. Our 5th Bearing CNC Housing Kit is included with the Crankshaft Service.



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