Corvair Engine in a Box

The Super Quick Build Corvair now Available!  Now LOWER PRICING!

We have worked with William Wynne of and designed a full Corvair Engine In a Box solution, comprised of NEW parts and components from SPA and all of the Gold Conversion parts from FlyCorvair, for the builder who wants the advantage of one stop shopping.  This engine option gives you the best of the Corvair solution without the hassle of part gathering.

Be the Master Of Your Own Engine

Everything You Need to Run Your Engine

Highest Quality Corvair Parts on the Market

Multiple Displacement Options

90% of Parts are NEW

Personal, Hands On Assembly Assistance, Or Factory Assembled and Test Run Option

Payment Options Available – (50% deposit required to place order)

Over a Dozen Firewall Forward Configurations

See the list below for what is included.

Crating fee and freight delivery charged at delivery.

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Here is a list of what is included.

SPA LLC Corvair Engine In a Box
What’s Included  All parts, components, gaskets, bolts and nuts to assemble your engine.  Includes step by step instructions and manuals.  Just choose your displacement and add/on options below.
Part # Description 2775 100HP@3300 RPM 3.0L 115HP@3300 RPM 3.3L 119HP@2800/125HP@3300 RPM
1000 Crankshaft Group – Reconditioned crankshaft, NEW Crankshaft gear, 5th Bearing Journal, NEW main and rod bearings  – ready to install (3.3L includes New Billet Crankshaft)
1100 Camshaft Group – Camshaft with NEW gear installed, NEW Hydraulic Lifters and lube and additive
1200 Crankcase Group – Two matched case halves, hardware, cleaned and machined as needed, NEW head studs tested and installed as needed
1300 Piston and Rod Group – NEW Pistons, pins, rings, NEW connecting rods
1400 Cylinder Group – Set of 6 NEW Cylinders and applicable gaskets
1500 Cylinder Head Group – Complete cylinder head overhaul with NEW parts and machined as needed, hardware and intake pipes installed
1600 Valve Train Group – NEW Push rods, Tubes, Rocker Arms, NEW Pivot Balls and hardware
1700 Head Clamping Hardware Group – Guide Plates, NEW Rocker Studs, O-rings and hardware
1800-PC Steel Engine Cooling Baffles Group – Includes baffling and clips powder-coated in matte black
1900-PCR Valve Cover Group – Powder Coated covers, Hardware, Oil Cap and Gaskets
2000-HV Complete rear accessory case with NEW high volume oil pump, Hardware, Gaskets and Seals
2100 NEW Harmonic Balancer, Washer and Hardware
2200 NEW Gold Billet Oil Pan, Pickup, Gaskets and hardware
2400 Starter Group – NEW Ultra light weight starter, Top Cover, Ring Gear, Gaskets and Hardware
2500 Hub Group – NEW Short Gold Hub, Hybrid Studs, Safety Shaft and Hardware
2600 Top Oil Group – Gold Oil Housing, Filter, Hardware and Gasket
2950 Rear Charging System Group – NEW Rear Alternator Bracket Kit
2970 Alternator Group – NEW John Deere/Yanmar Alternator
3000 5th Bearing Housing Kit – Housing with Bearing Installed, Seal and  Hardware, and Oil Lines with Fittings
3301 – E/P/X NEW Distributor – E/P/X
Instructions Installation Manuals, DVDs and a step by step guide
Assembly Assistance Attendance to either a Corvair College or Finishing School
Misc RTV, Anaerobic Sealer, Spark Plugs, Gaskets and Hardware for all of above

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2775 Recon Crank, 2775 New Crank, 3.0L Recon Crank, 3.0L New Crank, 3.3 New Crank


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