Corvair 3.3L Jump Start Kit


The Corvair 3.3L Now Available.

The Corvair 3.3L is a stroked version of the proven Corvair conversion.  The 3.3L has been dynomometer tested and output results are 119HP @ 2800 RPM and 125 HP @ 3300 RPM.

The crankshaft is machined, in the US, from US 4130 Timken Steel.  The pistons are our custom design made by the same manufacturer we have been using for years for the 3.0L and 2775 pistons.  The connecting rods are a custom setup, and the case and cam are modified for proper clearance.

The heart of this engine is the new, billet, made in America crankshaft.  A standard Corvair has a 3.437″ bore and a 2.940″ stroke, yielding a 2.7 Liter displacement.  Increasing the bore to 3.620″ with larger pistons and cylinders increases the displacement to 3.0 Liters.  When that is combined with increasing the stroke by .312″ with a new crankshaft, the displacement becomes 3.3 Liters.  Externally, the engine remains the same size as all the Corvairs, but it is actually substantially lighter because the new crankshaft is lighter than the original GM crank, as are the new cylinders.

The Corvair 3.3L Jump Start kit is a rotating assembly and includes all of the components listed below.  Included is the bottom end assembled –  from the front hub to the harmonic balancer.

See the list below for what is included.

Crating fee and freight delivery charged at delivery.

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Here is a list of what is included.  If you are interested in a full “Engine in a Box” Kit for the 3.3L then CLICK HERE for more information.

SPA LLC Corvair 3.3L Jump Start Kit
What’s Included Whats known in the industry as a rotating assembly.  All of the components listed below and bottom end assembled from Front Gold Hub to Harmonic Balancer.
Part # Description 3.3L
    119HP@2800 / 125@3300RPM
1000 Crankshaft Group – New 4130 Timken Steel “Stroked” crankshaft, NEW Crankshaft gear, 5th Bearing Journal, NEW main and rod bearings
1100 Camshaft Group – 3.3L Specific Camshaft with correct profile and timing.  Machined for clearance.  NEW gear installed, NEW Hydraulic Lifters and lube and additive
1200 Crankcase Group – Two matched case halves, hardware, cleaned and machined as needed, NEW head studs tested and installed as needed
1300 Piston and Rod Group – NEW Custom 3.3L Pistons, pins, rings, NEW connecting rods
1400 Cylinder Group – Set of 6 NEW Cylinders and applicable gaskets
2000-HV Complete rear accessory case with NEW high volume oil pump, Hardware, Gaskets and Seals
2100 NEW Harmonic Balancer, Washer and Hardware
2400 Starter Group – NEW Ultra light weight starter, Top Cover, Ring Gear, Gaskets and Hardware
2500 Hub Group – NEW Short Gold Hub, Hybrid Studs, Safety Shaft and Hardware
3000 5th Bearing Housing Kit – Housing with Bearing Installed, Seal and  Hardware, and Oil Lines with Fittings
Assembly Bottom End Assembled  from Front Hub to Harmonic Balancer.  **Connecting Rods, Pistons and Cylinders not installed.
Upgrades/Add -Ons
Core Fee – Case, Camshaft, Cranshaft and Rear Assy Housing – Based on Availability 475
Crating Fee 150
Freight Delivery – Determined at Ship Date TBD

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2775 Recon Crank, 2775 New Crank, 3.0L Recon Crank, 3.0L New Crank, 3.3 New Crank


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