Florida State Sales Taxes

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Re: Florida State Sales Taxes

Post by blueisthenewblack »

Hmph, I thought Spruce would collect Florida sales tax at the time of sale.. I'll have to check what was done for the parts I've purchased while living in Michigan.

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Re: Florida State Sales Taxes

Post by FHJ69 »

As not a Florida resident (yet) I find this troubling. I have had a N# registered and on hold for well over 5 years and have not heard anything from the state of Maryland on the taxing of an aircraft. I wonder what the future will bring? :?:

Greg Pixley
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Florida State Sales Taxes

Post by Greg Pixley »

FYI to those building in Florida. I recently got my N number knowing it would trigger the state of Florida to come looking for their share in sales taxes. I submitted my stack of sales receipts and to my surprise, the auditor came back and said I owed interest ($300) on unpaid sales taxes on parts I had purchased over the six years of building. I said WHAT? The explanation was I should have been paying taxes along the way, even if I never completed the airplane, I owed them taxes for all those parts I bought from Spruce. Even if you are building a hot rod or custom motor cycle, they want their $$$. This was not how the charged me on my first plane.

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