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Re: CorvAir Core

Post by at7000ft »

I made the same decision as you for my Panther a couple of years ago. Built a WW Corvair that I am flying now on my first homebuilt and it is great, but my DA on a hot day can be as high as 10,000 on the runway so I also decided on going with the 320 (160 hp), plus with the Basic Med thing now who cares about LSA (except people with just a Sport Pilot cert).

Rick H
Rick Holland

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CorvAir Core

Post by brucegray »

Panther Team,

I have ALL recommended list components for use and/or core exchange for sale. Case 65'-68' 95hp TO2I0RA and Heads 65'-67' 110hp 3856759. This was all boxed to ship to SPA, LLC. to build a 3.0 or 3.3L but having had more time to discuss options with local builders during a build hold, career change, and COVID determining the following. At my field elevation 4,700ft and given a 85+ degree day I will be north of 6,000DA T/O and would lose much needed ponies shooting the west Sierra Tahoe crossings like all the RV boys do. Secondly cost, I'll be about the same price new Covair or a rebuild Lyc.0320. So, it comes down to more ponies and insurance at my given altitude of operation.
If I were at MSL or close to it my original direction of the CoVair build would have been fine. I will build my engine being a mechanic and maintenance technician supervisor by trade so this will not be an issue. I have posted the motor on "Barnstormers" ... nther.html and can be viewed there for detailed photo's. Only asking what I have in it for parts and shipping of usable components. Unfortunately, it would have to be a local pick-up as shipping cost would double the purchase price currently. Freight right now is ridiculous! Ask me, just shipped a RV8 empannage to Hanceville, AL. :shock:
Asking $400.00 for the core motor and this does include all DVD's and Manual from William Wynn and the Corvair Auto Manual also. If you have any questions please feel free to respond to this Forum Thread, PM, or contact me directly.

Bruce Gray
Dayton, NV

email -
cell - 775-220-1880

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