Panther Sport # 95 For Sale with O-320 Lycoming

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Re: Panther Sport # 95 For Sale with O-320 Lycoming

Post by Matsu727737 »

Just curious Barry, did you ever sell your Panther and your engine? I just started on my tail kit about a week ago.

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Panther Sport # 95 For Sale with O-320 Lycoming

Post by Barry »

Hello Group,

Sad to say that I have decided to sell my Panther sport and my O-320. I will sell them together or separately.

Airframe details:
Tail Dragger
Tail and fuselage are completed, rudder and elevator controls rigged.
Wings complete as well as fuel tanks (not installed yet).
Folding wing option and all components ready for final assembly.
100 percent flush riveted including bottom skin.
Throttle quadrant installed.
Trim lever and cable installed.
Currently finishing wing rigging.
Canopy is untouched.
Finishing kit and conical mount for Lycoming included.
Crow seat belts included.
Fuel valve
fuel caps
Stainless tail spring and 4 inch wheel
Matco brakes
Lycoming cowling
This is a complete kit with everything to finish except avionics and propeller.
See my builder website on this forum for build pictures.
Price $19,500

Engine details:

Lycoming Narrow deck O-320 EXPERIMENTAL engine.
New baffle kit
Oil filter adapter
4 New Nickle Superior Cylinders
9:1 Compression
Performance Camshaft
Yellow tag Case
Experimental Crankshaft
Like new flywheel
New Skytech Starter
Price 16K

I will be placing a Barnstormer ad in a couple weeks, want to offer to this group first.
Feel free to call for details or questions. 719-285-3588
Panther Sport #95

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