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Re: Baggage Compartment

Post by JimParker256 »

Here's what I'm planning to use in a different aircraft type:

Tie-Down Rings from Van's Aircraft: ... t=tie-down

Cargo Net: ... -cargo-net

This solution is in use in a bunch of "back-country" type aircraft. Just be sure the tie-down rings are securely anchored so they won't just pull through a thin layer of aluminum. Using large-diameter washers underneath might help, but it would be better to use something that would distribute the load a bit more. In those "off-airport" types, they typically secure them to the frame tubing itself, or use an L-shaped aluminum former under the baggage platform, riveted in several places, to distribute the shear load over a wider area.
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Baggage Compartment

Post by PlaneDan »

I am looking for methods and hardware for securing items in the baggage compartment. I don't want stuff flying around the cabin in the event of really rough conditions. This will be an "add on" since the plane is very close to completion.

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