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Re: Prop for an O-320

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I'm running an 0320 on a Tri-Gear long wing version Panther. I am using the three blade ground adjustable Sensenich prop. At 2,000 msl, warmer than standard day, WOT I can turn 2700 rpm and indicate 190 mph without wheel pants. With the current pitch I can climb at 120 mph IAS at 2100 fpm.
I've had to increase the pitch on the prop once as the freshly overhauled engine broke in and may have to do it again to prevent overspeeding the prop. Yes, I know I'm pressing the VNE, I can control that with throttle, especially after I get wheel pants fitted.

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Re: Prop for an O-320

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Hi all,

I have another prop/pitch/rpm/speed question for the group. Does anyone have an 0-320 in an LS airframe. If so what is your prop diameter and pitch, and what airspeed are you seeing at various rpm?


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Re: Prop for an O-320

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Rick, not sure if this is of much help as I am not flying yet, but I got a prop from Gary Hertzler. It is his Silver Bullet. He recommended going for 69x72 for my target altitude. With a O340 with high compression cylinders rated at 180hp at SL Mr. Hertzler’s estimate was that the static rpm at my field ellevation of 7-9k’ DA would be around 2400-2450 and WOT at 12.5k’ DA would be at the redline. Those would be very impressive numbers. Please let me know if you’d like Mr. Hertzler’s contacts. He has no website and is an old school craftsman. But he is reachable by email and was exceptionally responsive.

Dan recommended a Sensenich GA prop for it’s performannce and the ability to dial it in and have an option to taylor it to flying at various altituded, if needed. It would be a great choice but for the $$.

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Re: Prop for an O-320

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Good morning Rick. I would recommend you talk to Dan at SPA. Sensenich has supplied several props for local Panther owners and he would have a detailed record of what might be the best prop for your use. Having flown Panthers with Cato's, Whirlwind, Airmaster constant speeds and Sensenich fixed pitched props, the best prop by far, in the fixed pitch arena, is the Sensenich ground adjustable two blade. Currently Ken Belisle is running a Sensenich two blade wood prop on his 160 HP Panther and it preforms well; it is a designed climb prop. The Sensenich ground adjustable is a bit pricey and will set you back about $4K for the necessary parts and pieces. I believe that the two blade wood ran about $2K. Considering your location and density altitude you might consider the Sensenich ground adjustable to give you the flexibility in tuning your engine for your flying location.

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Re: Prop for an O-320

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Rick, that’s probably too much propeller for the Panther with an O-320. For comparison my Glasair TD had a Prince 68x83 with 180HP. Mike

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Prop for an O-320

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Does anyone have any recommendations for Sensenich fixed pitch wood props for an O-320 Panther? Found a guy selling a used 68x86.


Rick H
Rick Holland

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