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Larry DeCamp
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Re:Light accessories

Post by Larry DeCamp »

I have a light weight starter with 18 hours on it. It is 122t and I have two extra flywheels. All came off my 0320 I replaced with Sky dynamics 149T. If you want them for your 290 they will be real cheap.
FYI my B&C SD8 dynamo has been great for over 100 hour and Bob Knuckles just tested an old one with MANY hours that still worked perfect. decamplarry@gmail.com

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Re: Engine weights

Post by sowell »

My finished and installed weight of my corvair is roughly 40-45 lbs lighter than the installed weight of an 0-235. That's based on the empty weights of mine and Sean's planes which are largely identical except for engine choices, and corrects for a few other small differences such as battery choice, wheel pants, seat back, and small avionics differences. The differences in weights would include required differences such as cowl weight differences and other items required for installation. Maybe that helps you if you can compare the installed weight of your engine to an 0-235.

I didn't weigh the corvair separately.
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Engine weights

Post by fwellman@att.net »

I am wondering if anyone has actually weighed their 0-320 or Corvair motor. I have a Lyc. 0-290D2 that I would like to put in my Panther. I would like to know the actual weight benefits, in pounds, between these options.

I weighed my 0-290 and it weighs 254 pounds empty but with all accesories. I could probably save a few pounds with a light weight starter and alternator.

Any info on actual weights would be appreciated.


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