Rotec TBI issues

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Re: Rotec TBI issues

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Re: Rotec TBI issues

Post by rlweseman »

I saw Ben and Katie this weekend at the Deland Showcase and Ben showed me a few photos of his Panther on his phone. He is going to be flying very shortly. I would expect by end of year.

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Re: Rotec TBI issues

Post by GlenNJ »


It's good to see that you're getting the Rotec TB to work the way you want. As you get more flight testing done, it will be interesting to see how economical the Panther, 3300 and Rotec combination is. Of great interest is the fuel burn and airspeed in the economy cruise mode (just flying around the patch). I'd love to know how Ben's "long nose" Panther is coming along, but haven't found any information on it yet.


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Rotec TBI issues

Post by Tony Spicer »

Rotec recommends the 40mm model for the Jab 3300, so that's what I bought. ... injection/

After fighting high egt's for 25 hours, I sent it back to the factory to have the spray bar modified. While waiting for it to get to Australia (12 days, USPS, $50) I started doing some digging. The Ellison EFS-3A has a 33mm throat and is recommended for engines of 85-140 hp. The Aerocarb has a 35mm throat and is recommended for engines 90-125 hp. Rotec makes a model with a 34mm throat. I have no clue why Rotec recommends the 40mm, but I asked if they would just swap my 40mm for a 34mm.

I have several hours on the 34mm now, and it's kicking major butt. The induction system I designed that wouldn't work with the 40mm works just fine with the 34mm.

There's no reason it wouldn't work equally well with the Corvair.


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