Brent Mayo - Panther LSA Taildragger

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Re: Brent Mayo - Panther LSA Taildragger

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I have been following your latest posts on your Corvair build. I have 2 cases, 1 which will need inner case clearance for the bigger crank and the other an "RA" needing the machine work for the 3000cc bigger bore. You said you gained your engine components from SPA? Case also? Did you core anything or outright? I have had nobody to review or ref. the condition of my case, i.e. studs, mating surfaces, to see if these are going to be serviceable? I am apt to contact Dan and arrange shipment of the whole enchilada to WW or Dan and see what is serviceable and have them piece together the best of both engines and replace what's not serviceable. I like that you have inspected, condition, & clean parts to build from. If you have a moment I would like to PM if possible. email to

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Brent Mayo - Panther LSA Taildragger

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Brent Mayo
SN#053 Flying
Corvair 3.0
Fernandina, FL

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