Andy Shorter - Panther LSA Taildragger

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Re: Andy Shorter - Panther LSA Taildragger

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Welcome to Panther Builders. I did click on your Picasa, but got a page not found.

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Re: Andy Shorter - Panther LSA Taildragger

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Andy is a recently retired Marine aviator who lives about an hour and a half from my hangar. Flew a Harrier during the week and a Luscombe on weekends. He's a first-time builder who recently brought his HS to Stag for me to inspect. Offered to trade him mine for his. He turned me down.

Picasa is easy. How about some more of you folks give it a shot. When you move to the home and tell the other residents you built an airplane, you'll have proof.


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Andy Shorter - Panther LSA Taildragger

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Following Tony's lead using Picasa to document my build in pictures. Other options seem too time consuming for me (and there are limited options for Mac).

Trying a new link... ... directlink
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