New Builder, Seattle Area

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New Builder, Seattle Area

Post by Wanderlusk »

Hi Panther builders!

I just got an L hangar at nearby Paine Field, so I finally have a place to build an airplane. The Panther seems to fit the bill perfectly - I'm looking for a sheet metal single-seat aerobatic airplane with handling that won't punish me for missing a week of flying. I plan to order the tail kit and start building next month.

Previously I built a wooden ultralight that looked like it flew out of the '30s. (funny video I made about it)

My current pair of wings is a 1946 Luscombe Silvaire, which I've flown for 15 years and earned my CFI certificate in. I sure love that airplane, but I don't want to do snap rolls with 80-year-old spars and I get so upset about not being able to take a wrench to it when that's what it needs. I'm hoping the Panther lands just like it, but is zippier in the air.

I'm a little concerned about fitting in it. I'm skinny but 6'5"; it's all legs and arms. It looks like I'd have a better chance fitting in the Panther than anything else, given the dimensions provided. Still - anybody within 500 miles of Seattle willing to let me sit in one?


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