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Re: Magnetometer

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With GRT we have mounted it on the aft end of the tunnel as you mentioned. It works fairly well.

With the GRT unit, you can set it on the tunnel and then run the calibration in which you rotate the aircraft 365 degrees (5 over a complete circle). It shows any interference issues with the fuselage. I don't know if Garmin has ta similar routine.

There are also some methods using a smart phone and apps that can also help to determine what interference there is. But I don't remember what apps were recommended.

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I'm using a Garmin G5 as a primary flight instrument. I'm wondering where others have successfully mounted their magnetometer. The easy solution appears to be on top of the elevator reverser tunnel against the rear bulkhead. Getting further from the steel fuselage would require a trap door for access in the bottom skin.
Thanks, Lynn

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