The saying is “Put your money where your mouth is.”

So here we are, one month from Sun’NFun and on Saturday March 9th, at 11 am, we are rolling the Panther out for all to see and we want you and yours to join us. The EAA Chapter 1379 meeting is taking place just down the road at 10 AM and the chapter will conclude their meeting by coming down to our place to join us for the roll out. We want all of you to join us and them.

This will be the Panther debut, the real deal just before test flight, and will be an important integral in the prototype introduction.

And we want all of you, whoever you are, to join us. Whether you are a friend, an interested pilot, someone who likes us, someone who’s heard of us, someone who pulled a rivet on the prototype, someone who lent advice, someone who flipped a burger, or someone who simply wants to share this exciting and momentous moment with us – please – come and join us. We want you here…. and need you here.

Here is a sneak peak of what has been going on in the shop this weekend. This will be the last major update before saturday…we will be focusing on finishing touches for the roll out..

and in the house to keep warm.
We need them to cure ASAP so we put a set of reptile lights on them to speed it up…..ingenuity at its best!

Fitting the cowling to the amazing cheek cowl. They are really beautiful!

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