We sure had quite a busy day in the booth. The weather is crazy cold and rainy up here, but should be better the rest of the week. The daily news paper headline was “Frost-Kosh”, and with a high in the 50’s they are not joking!  Here are a few quick snap shots.

GRT Avionics homepage.

Above is Panther builder Ken McLeod trying the Panther on for size and by the grin I am pretty sure he likes it!

Above is builder Ron Franck who is also very happy to be here at Oshkosh with us, and will be taking home his tail kit with him.

Here are some photos of Dan taxiing the Panther over to the Orion hanger – prepping for an early morning photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow!

And check out this awesome plug we got from GRT Avionics home page!
More updates as the week progresses. It’s game on TeamPanther! As Tony Spicer has reminded us – “Time to put on the Big Boy pants”!

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