Bob Woolleys Panther o-320 Cowling Install coming along

Production is in full swing at SPA!  We are keeping the momentum going and we have a very aggressive shipping schedule that delivers (currently) all 53 builders kits by mid March (minus a few minor small back ordered parts….of course)!

Panther Builder Christopher Braun in Roseville, CA

We recently were at the Sebring Sport Expo and had a wonderful time meeting new people and catching up with builders.  The weather was not as good as we had hoped but traffic was good and the response was very positive.  Dan and Paul were there manning the booth and they performed a wing fold demonstration every day.  This always brings a crowd.  People are amazed at how easy it is and how practical it can really be.  This opens doors for a lot of builders/pilots!

Builders have been busy putting together parts and the feedback continues to be very positive:

“Just wanted to let you guys know, I was a little scared about whether or not I would be bored starting another aluminum pop rivet airframe, because of the possible lack of new skills to learn and develop over time. But, the quality of the kit, and the beautiful shape of the surfaces is keeping me so excited during the build. Can’t wait to tear through this thing at lightning speed!
Can’t wait to dimple/rivet the elevators as both are almost done after only about a week and 6/8 hours including getting familiar with the plan/BM format.”  – Christopher Braun, Clecall Pliers (Photo to the right).
Builder Bill Mosher assembled his main wing spars on his Panther in a total of 7.5 hours!

Builder Andrew Shorter has been building away as well.  His wing build is moving along very well. See Andrew’s build progress HERE.

Bill Mosher Panther Spar Done!

Dan developed the final touches on the canopy skirt and installed a production skirt onto the prototype with a new “taller” canopy and the results are what we hoped for.  We got the extra bit of head room without sacrificing the fast back sleek look, and simplified the stiffening from a bent tube to an integrated fiberglass stiffener.  Dan also finalized the quick-jettison lever for the canopy.  You can see it in the photos below.

We are also gearing up for our Corvair stroker crankshaft engine project.  This should be in the testing stages in the next 4-6 weeks.  We have had great success with our customers who have us recondition their crankshafts and add the 5th bearing and housing to their Corvair Conversion.  See a customer install HERE.

Beta Builder Bob Woolley has also started fitting his Panther Universal Cowling and his Cheek skins and MY OH MY does the Panther with the Universal Cowl look “VA VA VA VHHOOOOOOOM – SEXY!”  The Universal Cowling is designed for the UL, Continental and the Lycoming engines.  And it looks great!

Upcoming – fuel tanks, landing gear legs and continuing Panther kit deliveries!

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