Update on Progress

We had a great week at Sun ‘N Fun 2015! We were in the same booth as last year, at the end of the row outside of Hangar C on the corner. This location is great for us. We get good foot traffic because we are on the end, we have a little more room […]

The Good and the Bad….it’s all Breakfast to Team SPA!

The last few weeks have been challenging, intense, and all around crazy. We are an intense bunch, except for Travis – our amazing welder, who is the even keeled, reliable and steady workaholic of the bunch. Don’t get me wrong – we all are workaholics, but Travis is Mr. Rock Steady. Dan is always going from […]

Close to Wrapping Up the First 50+ Panthers!

Production is in full swing at SPA!  We are keeping the momentum going and we have a very aggressive shipping schedule that delivers (currently) all 53 builders kits by mid March (minus a few minor small back ordered parts….of course)! We recently were at the Sebring Sport Expo and had a wonderful time meeting new […]

Starting 2014 Off Right!

Here we are, just a few days into 2014 and we have an exciting but very simple innovation! As you know – the Panther is designed with folding wings. Dan designed the fuel tanks to incorporate these really snazzy fuel quick-disconnect fittings that work very well. You simply pull the wings out a foot or […]