70 Panther builders! And a Video from this Weekend’s Corvair Finishing School

SPA welcomes it’s 70th Panther builder, Mr. Skip Haneline from Nebraska City, Nebraska! Welcome to the Panther Family, Skip! We look forward to updates on your build progress. Builders have been successful building and flying their Panther aircraft. This is an exciting time for us and we are happy to share some builders progress photos […]

The First Customer Built Panther LS to Get His Pink Slip

The first customer built Panther LS to receive his pink slip from the FAA is Stephen Pedano! Congratulations Stephen! We know it has been a long road with us and we appreciate your patience, always positive attitude and your tenacity. What a great job you have done, sir! Stephen is a local Haller Airpark resident and builder […]

Get a Taste of What a Corvair College is Like

Most people think of an engine build school as a classroom setting, with manuals, name tags, a projector and death by power-point presentations. Take a look at this short video I put together about what a Corvair College is like. Hopefully you will see what the fuss is all about, why people sign up […]

The Stroker Engine is HERE! See Video

The Corvair 3.3L Stroker Engine has come to life! We test ran the prototype engine on Monday the 14th of July, 2015 and it ran and sounded great! We are now headed to EAA Airventure 2015 and will be displaying the engine on Paul Salter’s airframe (display only…see below for more detail). The background: Dan […]

The Good and the Bad….it’s all Breakfast to Team SPA!

The last few weeks have been challenging, intense, and all around crazy. We are an intense bunch, except for Travis – our amazing welder, who is the even keeled, reliable and steady workaholic of the bunch. Don’t get me wrong – we all are workaholics, but Travis is Mr. Rock Steady. Dan is always going from […]

Update on …. Everything!

We thought potential builders might like to see what an update from Dan looks like. Here is a recent email that went out to our builders on what we are doing, how things are going and what comes next. Plus a few photos…. Fiberglass Last week the plugs for the canopy skirt (for the production […]