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Solo Movie Trailer

This is a trailer from a short film produced and directed by Dan’s sister Lisa Weseman and brother-in-law Lex Sadasivan. The short film is scheduled for its debut in the near future. Dan is the pilot in his RV-4. This was filmed from our home air park in FL. See HERE for more information …

EAA Experimenter Article!

Check out the new EAA Experimenter Article – The New Homebuilt Panther!Sport-pilot eligible, if you choose.. …

Parts and Props

THE WING RIBS AND FORM BLOCKS FOR THE TEST WING ARE FINALLY HERE!!!!! The building has begun! We have the fuselage side fixture completed and welding will begin next week. AND – The local county paper, The Clay Today, did a front page piece on the SOLO filming! It is very interesting and we would …

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