Welcome to Sport Performance Aviation LLC

Sport Performance Aviation LLC offers innovative and cost effective solutions and projects for the home builder aviation community. For the last five years we've offered limited products and services through FlyCleanex.com and Fly5thBearing.com. We have formalized, expanded and added several exciting new products. At Sport Performance Aviation LLC we strive to offer outstanding value, versatility and integrity.


Every product we have and will design, develop and offer will encompass a high degree of value. Value in terms of cost, quality and time. Aviation is a series of compromises; we strive to find the best compromise that keeps the cost down, the time low and the fun factor high. Compromises that jeopardize safety or quality, however, will not be made.


We offer products that are versatile. All of our offerings are creatively designed and engineered to have alterable uses so they serve the widest customer base possible. We strive to make usable products that complement not only our product line but also offerings of other companies in the community.


At Sport Performance Aviation LLC - in all we do, we pledge to do it with integrity. Our designs and products are well tested and have high margins of safety and quality. We treat our customers with integrity. We work hard to treat people right, correct any mistakes and build a solid company based on good business, fair profit margins and excellent customer service.

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